Long, long ago…some would say like billions of light years ago, a young person, known to you as K.J. Kaschula—who was not even ten years old at the time—discovered her passion for story. It happened all of a sudden when her grade 3 teacher tasked the entire class to write their first ever story. It was as if at that precise moment of writing and coming up with characters and plot, a light bulb was switched on inside of her head, heart, and soul. This light bulb illuminated and fuelled her exploration into the depth of storytelling. At the beginning, she was not very good at it—well the actual putting words onto the paper part—in fact, she was a terrible speller and often misplaced the letters and sound words. But Miss K.J. was an adventurer and an explorer at heart and continued upon her quest of story and its telling. Today she writes for little “human beans”, draws, and even publishes stories.

K.J. Kaschula believes stories are the gateway to imagination, understanding, learning, and becoming the greatest kid (or big “human bean”) you were destined to be!

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