About K.J. Kaschula

– the human being you are currently inquiring about is in fact
a wonderER of interdimensional,
paradoxical yet whimsical but “marvellous’ical” worlds,
which may appear fictional at times in ITS nature.

This being—of—human
is said to travel by The Sparks Of Thought
to destinations comprehended by a select few,
INorder to COllect & REcord HERstorical events
that may (or may not yet)
have happened.

Before entering the Matrix-of-Creation,
she suits up as The Storyteller & Illustrator.
Armed: (for it is dangerous out there in the great unknown)
with paper (the real & digital stuff) and the mighty pen(cils).

It is her task to illuminate
the very core of your own human-being-ness.
And so, inspire others
(be they reader of words or looker of pictures)
to dare to dream
of ∞ possibilities and emotions
which lie unearthed & undiscovered & unrecognised.

Born upon YOUR EARTH
in a land known as SOUTH AFRICA
she too dared to dream.
She fashioned herself a pair of determined wings
and began to fly off and explore.
She explored a bit of Thailand
and then a ‘bite’ of La France
(who ended up steeling her heart, re-salting in a much longer’ish stay.)

[[Her current landing station: MID-AIR]]
a.k.a between Johannesburg, South Africa and Paris, France.

K.J. Kaschula’s exploraTIONS and findINGS
are now beginnING to be unveilED within
this world of (wo)man
and creature
and plant.

Her latest recording
is a “Super-Dooper— (code name: EASTER) —Secret”!
it is classified information!
Which can only be revealed by its true author
— the heroin of her children book stories, Little Lizzie.

Luckily! K.J. Kaschula being the original Secret Keeper
was able to leave behind clues
before she was taken captive by
the Easter Bunny’s chicken and the monster under your bed!

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