All aboard the HMS Explorer!

Welcome, dear passenger, to Brave Kids, Short Stories to Inspire Our Future World-Changers, Volume 2.

Upon this deep exploration into bravery, courage, hope, kindness, friendship, love, and understanding the treacherous waters of grief, we (yes, you and I, the Captain of this ship) will journey through new and uncharted waters.

We will encounter mighty dragons, mermaids, talking monkeys, a crocodile, dogs and cats, and kids just like you who have to go to school and stand up to bullies. Along the way, we will cross paths with some familiar faces from Brave Kids, Volume 1—beloved characters who have chosen to journey with us as they tell new and exciting tales of their bravery. We also will be introduced to new characters and new brave adventures by authors from around the world.

So, hop on board with your Brave Kids ticket, and let’s take you to the stars and beyond. . .

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