On the night of Easter Eve, Little Lizzie and her teddy prepare to Capture the EBC (The Easter Bunny’s Chicken).

They have planned the plan.

They have set the traps, and now they a-wait at the ready!
(With extra yummy gummy worms!)

Little Lizzie tells her dear readers, her dear, dear friends, another one of her Super-Dooper-Secret-Stories of how she along with her trusted sidekick Teddy, captured the Easter Bunny’s chicken.

cluck, Cluck, CLUCK.

You will hear her song, but will you dare to read along
and discover if Little Lizzie’s plan when right or wrong?

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(also known as)
the Easter Bunny’s Chicken,
is one of many Easter egg deliverers.

The Easter egg deliverers are mystical animal-like creatures
who have hatch from a golden egg
that slept at the centre of the Earth for a thousand years.

These Easter egg delivers
are tasked with bringing joy and laughter
to the creatures and people of Earth
during the Easter festive season
by delivering delicious, delightful, and delectable
chocolatey Easter eggs.

The EBC in particular loves yummy gummy worms!
So, if ever you wanted to be the EBC’s friend
or even plan her capture,
then offer this Easter chicken
a cup of tea and a whole bowl of
waggling, wriggling, waving

yummy gummy worms!

Little Lizzie was told the real and honest truth,
about whom exactly delivers our Easter eggs!

And has made it her mission
to capture one of the Easter egg deliverers.

She is a master planner of plans!

And has made sure to ask all the right questions.

All the WHAT’s,
WHEN’s, WHERE’s, WHO’s, HOW’s,
and WHY’s!


Because she absolutely loves chocolatey eggs
especially, if they are delivered by the Easter Bunny’s Chicken!

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