On the night of Christmas Eve, Little Lizzie hears a strange taping come from her bedroom window. She and her teddy investigate, armed with a flashlight in one hand and a half-eaten red and white striped candy cane in the other. To her surprise, the creature knocking is one of Santa’s reindeer!

Little Lizzie tells her readers one of her Super-Dooper-Secret-Stories of how she alone caught one of Santa’s reindeer and what happened afterwards. . .

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Little Lizzie strongly believes in magic!
(Just as you use to AND just as you should do!)

Because she has seen it!
With her own green, green, eyes!

“Is kinda like watching T.V. but,

She is an Artist! And a Secret Storyteller!

So, do yourself a favour
whenever you meet her
and ask her to recount her

“But, shhh. . . It. Is. A. Secret!”
She would say. . .


Cupid is one of Santa’s magical reindeer.

Her name comes from the Roman god of love,
who was the winged messenger
who brought love and happiness to all.

Mischievous! Adventurous!
And simply fabulous when you get to know her.

She has a fondness for
the red and white striped candy cane.


she will FOREVER be your best friend if you offer her one,
or two,

or even three

of these delicious treats.

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